Friends and Enemies of Capital

There are many people who speak, and many who think, there are many who argue and many who condemn, but there are few who really know. I speak about the concept of what capitalism is.

The word Capital begins to be spread by Karl Marx, but previously there was hardly any reference to this denomination. In the end, Capital can be defined as market, commerce, or any other element that means trading goods.

Such a simple definition, but that ideologies have taken it out of context and that have allowed the generation of true fallacies, monsters, or distorted images about that denomination.


Climate Change and its financial impact

In these days thIn these days that the major meeting on Climate Change is celebrated, there are many voices that speak of the need for changes in the world economic system, or the need to finance climate change so that it can really be carried out, that is , we talk more about social policy than the same technology that could give us that shift towards a more sustainable planet.


Montenegro Investment Group acquires Planet Cluster

In its growth objective, the Planet Cluster group has been bought by a Montenegrin financial group. All the companies of the Planet Cluster group will be integrated into the structure that will lead the financial institution in Montenegro. The objective is to provide Planet Cluster Montenegro with all its greatest strength and financial and legal capacity so that the other companies of the group subsequently follow their same steps.


The endless history of Brexit

Never the History has the decision making of an international action or relationship between blocs or states been delayed so much. Brexit is breaking all possible records at the political level, as in the defenestration of prime ministers and in the economic fall of one of the greatest economic powers in the world, and most anecdotally, it all started with a lie, a punishment and that ” something else “that only superpowers can one day identify us. The big loser, Europe.