These days there is an extreme struggle in many countries to occupy the political center. It is curious to see, as all political parties try to occupy a position called “center” when defining the same as a political trend. It’s like showing the world a sense of moderation. But people should begin to understand or wonder, rather, what moderation means, and whether that moderation is really at the center; and whether those who claim to occupy the center actually occupy it or it’s just  another demagoguery of the political world.

The answer to all this could be defined in a simple sentence: politicians are ignorant of the central, right or leftmeaning. Elements that in themselves can be considered obsolete in the 21st century.



I would like to think that viral specialists are at the forefront of protocols and statistical analyses by governments, but when I hear politicians and when the facts point out to us patterns of medieval action, yes, the same ones that were used in the face of the Black Plague and other pandemics of that time, I can only hope that it is really simple politicians who are making the decisions and not specialists in medicine and sociology who evaluate and make decisions, because if it is otherwise, the scientific community has not pass in the evaluation of the pandemic.



Society is undergone a psychological terrorist attack by the states themselves, following guidelines that, from the barrier one would consider to be a three-track circus. Covid  has helped silence and justify the financial crisis of the states, their bankruptcy, revoltsand social protests, demonstrations and meetings against different governments, … .

But it has also helped to reflect the incompetence, the ignorance of those who lead us, the shamelessness of the states and the organisms that, always according to them, ensure our health.

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We are in times of so much incompetence and uncertainty that even the conspiracy obsessives begin to be able to defend their inconsistencies. There is talk of second waves of the pandemic, when the reality is that the first wave has not yet passed. There is talk of who will get the vaccine first, but what is not said is that the labs that have developed them do not want responsibility for their production for fear of side effects in the future. There is talk of the beginning of classes and their start-up plan when teachers learned how good it was to teach at a distance. There is talk of so many things and so many absurdities, it seems that the world has gone mad and no one has noticed.



From the political organizations of all Western countries it is called for the tranquility, calm and future recovery of the first world economy. In the face of such patriotic or Western nationalist optimism, we should question whether it is simply election propaganda or whether, and as many statesmen and experts assume, the leaders of Western governments do not live up to the real circumstances in which we are immersed. In either case, the West countries face an uncertain and unworkable recovery.



When revolution movements appear in Hong Kong, when social movements appear in Latin America, or when movements like Black Lives Matter appear, and all flying flags unbecoming of their claims, behind it all, there is no real social awareness purpose, social education, but pretensions of destabilization of social balances, where all, are guilty and none innocent , but they end up generating a bigger economic problem at one of the worst socio-economic moments in the world. Just remember that we are about to lose more than 20 years of socio-economic advances and that the estimate may come to the last 40 years having been useless.

Let’s try to delve into one of those movements and the immoral reality behind it all.

Now that the issue of racial discrimination in the U.S. has become fashionable again and has helped many groups seize the cry against racism, it is time to assess the true reality of racism and the fully interested political lies that help certain political movements fly flags to which they are not entitled.

Today, in the 21st century, slavery still exists, and there is still the hypocrisy of those who know that it exists, deny or omit it. And I’m talking about slavery and not racism.

We must begin by identifying a fact that many may be disturbed by, namely that slavery is neither a matter of 500 years ago, nor is it the exclusivity of Africans to suffer from. Indeed, if someone were to stop to assess the slave genocide throughout history, not only old, but recent, the largest number of casualties were not Africans, but Asians, followed by Indo-Europeans and finally Africans. So we awaken an element that can annoy many people, but that is a reality and is that Africans are not the only victims of such a heinous system.

Another curious element is that of gender, unlike what you might think the volume of male slaves has been superior throughout history than that of women, and that in the sex slave trade worldwide there have been victims alike in both genders, although, in the last century, the trafficking of women by sexual issues has been superior.

It should be noted that, at the end of the article I provide some more information on the matter, and on issues often unknown to all, we will focus on the concept of modern slavery. International law considers slavery, simplifying a little, the labour exploitation of a person who is deprived of its liberties and its rights as a worker and to the commercialization of them, eliminating the capacity of his liberty. This definition, which dates back to 1956, supplemented by the 1926 preliminary by the League of Nations remains a chimera in many countries that in a totally intentional way avoid analyzing these practices in their countries.

Source: globalslaveryindex.org

Thus, African slave caravans remain normal for the Middle East, the use of child soldiers and girls as prostitutes of the same, is another practice widespread in Africa, but surprisingly, they remain a minority when compared to Asian slavery. Countries such as North Korea have it institutionalized and it is the government itself that performs the practice, sending thousands of workers to China, Mongolia and the Middle East in subhuman conditions and the state being the sole beneficiary of the funds, given that it has been shown that workers barely charge the minimum fee and even many do not even receive or collect it; China, India and the Philippines are countries that look the other way in this type of practice, letting thousands of their fellow citizens and their fellow citizens end up being exploited in the Middle East and Africa in subhuman, battered and even as sex slaves, women and men, and many are losing their lives. It is once again the Continent of Asia who is most bad in the face of this situation.

But if someone thinks they’re guilt-free or slavery, they’re wrong. Human trafficking, and I am not talking about prostitution that is already well known, enters the West every year through the flow of Chinese exported by The Chinese Mafias, not far from the state itself and which end up spreading through all countries as owners or workers of bars, restaurants and other businesses. And it is that these theorical workers or entrepreneurs, in reality, have no right but to obey the regulations imposed by China and assume the obligations to which they are subject. This slavery is being accepted by all countries, since the pyramidal knowledge of the business structures developed by these mafias is known to all, and accepted under the theoretical criterion that all wage taxes are officially paid, but the reality is that these businesses live mostly on tax fraud through illicit or falsely valued imports; of human trafficking, as workers arrive mostly subordinate to the well-being of their families in China and while their conditions may evolve, the minimum labor standards imposed in the West are not respected.

The deaths of many of these workers are neither recorded in the different countries nor investigated by governments, leading to a silent complicity of them. Organizations like Black Lives Matter only serve to create smoke and for a few to benefit from this whole business, creating new racial radicalisms that try to go unnoticed, given that behind those acronyms there is racial thinking against whites, Hispanics and Asians, not differing at all from organizations as extreme as the Nazis or the KKK. This China-funded organization seeks to counteract the destabilization that the American government generates in Hong Kong, but far from playing with people’s rights, is being played with the future of the same and with the capacity to coexistence of races.

The absurd attack on patriotic symbols, or against characters who defended the rights of the weakest, such as Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, is the only thing that proves is the goal of breaking the historical bases on which countries settle. Not knowing the story or attacking it is the best strategy to break society’s ties with its countries, and in it BLM, is beginning to achieve it, the wound generated by this pro-Chinese anarchist movement will leave a deep mark that American society will not have the capacity to re-close. BLM has become the Nero of the American Empire.


Slavery has existed for more than 30,000 years, and curiously, and against what is put in the books, one of the empires with the fewest numbers of slaves was Egypt, while Rome and the various Chinese, Mongol and Indo region empires remained well above the historical average of those who came later.

It is also curious that African slavery, existing throughout history, exploded in number of human beings or victims from the discovery of America. This was due to the nutritional improvement produced by maize, from the Americas, unknown to 50% of humanity, caused a population explosion that contributed to the different African ethnicities colliding with each other and fostering a greater flow of slaves, historically existing with the Middle East and North Africa and Europe, and was exploited by Western states to provide a solution to an economic problem in America.

It should be noted, and there are many studies, but the journalist and researcher Charles C. Mann, who very well emphasizes, that slavery in America was the last resort in the face of the inability or intolerance to certain climates of European pawns, usually much more productive and also exploited, even if they were remunerated, because it is known to all that the use of slave hand was more expensive and less profitable , hence in the north of american states, with less severe climates and free from tropical diseases such as malaria or yellow fever, slavery was abolished sooner rather than in the South.

But these white pawns were no less slaves than Afro Americans because they had contracts that prevented them from leaving their contractors for periods of many years, with no rules preventing abuse by business theorists and with small remuneration.

It is also curious that the trafficking of Africans in Europe was viewed with contempt and slave merchants avoided being known in order not to be rejected by European society. An example is the Catalan merchants with America, who, faced with the prohibition of trade in other products, were dedicated to the slave trade, but when registering their overseas operations on arrival at the Catalan ports, the merchandise was redefined as “Coffee” or “Cacao”, and this is reflected by all the reports that the curious want to investigate in the hundreds of port reports that are in all the towns of the Costa Brava.

The contempt for slavery in Europe was of such a level that as early as the mid-16th century, it was the Spanish crown to guide the rights and freedoms, not only of native Americans, but of the first Africans who began to accompany expeditioners, creating in the following two centuries additional regulations such as the right of the womb , the prohibition of abuse, etc., which evidently, and as humans, the society of the moment in the Americas would unoidide on more than one occasion, but which reflects that double ideology, moral, or what we want to call it.

But slavery began among different African ethnicities, implying that in human beings there is in itself that contempt for the different, towards the unknown, etc. Slaves existed in the Americas, before the arrival of the European, slaves existed in the Middle East and Asia before the start of African slave routes. The Numibios enslaved their peers and sold them to the Romans, and so has the whole story. The Romans enslaved all the peoples of the north, and the Vikings toured the British Isles and the shores of the Mediterranean enslaving everyone they stood in; the Arabs enslaved Christians and vice versa, in short, the human race has this tendency to repeat and rebuild the worst atrocities that can occur in the animal kingdom and that no other species performs.

This does not justify anything, but it is identified that the problem is not innate of whites, or blacks, or yellows, or any color that we want to paint, the problem lies in education. Because it is well known that, if there were no other races in a country, among the race’s own there would be abuses that we would rename classes or castes, but that after all is exactly the same criterion.

The only solution is in the education of society to understand that no one is above anyone and that we are a species, we are not racing. In addition, it would be important for country national security agencies to establish grade or cycle training to train and raise awareness of the members of these bodies. Training cannot be months, it must be years, and everything that serves to eradicate cultural, racial, religious, etc. knowledge of laws and languages must be incorporated in addition to the knowledge of laws and languages. When being a security agent means having a background in social, technical and not just physical skills, we will possibly have the ability to have a much fairer society, although there will always be a commitment from the heads of states to eradicate what is still allowed today.


It is said that the extremes are so equal that the line that separates them is very fine. The new law about DAC 6 gives us that clear vision about how comes to be the pursuit of the state.

Disguised as a draft law against international companies, that capitalism based on the oppression of workers, the government has this May launched a new law that will go against anyone middle-class, against small and medium-sized enterprises and against the self-employed, above the mere justification for persecution of the richest.


Climate Change and its financial impact

In these days thIn these days that the major meeting on Climate Change is celebrated, there are many voices that speak of the need for changes in the world economic system, or the need to finance climate change so that it can really be carried out, that is , we talk more about social policy than the same technology that could give us that shift towards a more sustainable planet.