It is curious to see how the responsible of an act that could be considered War Crime or Bio-terrorism of State are being treated as the saviors of the world, as the most supportive, as the most advanced. But how far does your true responsibility go?

There is no doubt that ground zero of Covid-19 was China. There is no doubt that the most dizzying number of contagions and recoveries has been in China. There is no doubt that at the epicenter of propagation is a Chinese biotechnological laboratory for the development of coronavirus (Covid). There is no doubt that vaccines and cures leave and will continue to leave the same country, in fact, from the same center or laboratories where it was generated.

Let us not enter into the fact that this benefited his government in eradicating the subversive movements that proliferated in the country’s major cities, which took advantage of the chaos to take over companies and patents that might otherwise only have been done for action of force, and they were beginning to dominate their country’s economy. Let us not enter the financial and economic expansion they have taken advantage of since this pandemic began. If we entered this, this accidental operation would become an act of war or bioterrorism declared, according to any international convention, and the UN would have to take serious action against the country, although being of untouchable countries its veto would make everything it’ll be left at nothing.

If a company, or a country, anywhere in the world, pollutes a river, it is the company and the subsidiary country of the company that will have to compensate the countries affected by such pollution and run along the same river. Following this same international pattern and logic, China should be condemned by all international courts to pay the bill that Coronavirus will entail, but not the bill of the medical products purchased, but the invoice of all the economic and social impact that this pandemic will generate us in the next five years, or more, because the effects of the pandemic we are only beginning to notice.

A pandemic of this spectrum comes to be like an earthquake of force 8 in the middle of the sea, we have just felt the earthquake, but then comes the tsunami and then the epidemics generated by the chaos and lack of infrastructure to be able to stop the chaos Generated. We are, barely, in the earthquake phase, and the bill is at this moment unpayable. But in this case, the earthquake is not accidental, it has been intentionally provoked at will or by leave, but irresponsibility is not exempt with what before any judge, China is guilty of an international humanitarian and economic crime and should be the institutions responsible for transferring the entire debt to that country, and the unanimous condemnation against the government and its citizens with serious restrictions on their transit and the transit of their goods internationally, as well as the investigation of the use he has made from the point of view of stock investments and the purchase of companies in the face of the crisis caused.

If anyone considers extreme measures, why did citizens of Chinese origin, who even have nationality of the countries of current residence, instead of obeying the indications of the government of residence, set out to obey the instructions given by the Chinese government? It is no news for anyone that the Chinese community of all countries went into quarantine on the same day as the Chinese government ordered it to its entire international community. It is not new that the entire business structure of the Chinese community in the different countries meets and supplies the exclusively Chinese productions, so what real integration are these communities making in the communities that host them? It really is an international economic development policy of the Chinese government itself, and its response in this case shows us the capacity and coordination that such a structure has.

This article does not want to incite xenophobia, but it does want to remind all of humanity that international rights respected by most countries were not ratified exclusively by two countries, China and the United States, just the two countries that can have criminal responsibilities in the expansion of the coronavirus, by generation one and by omission or collaboration the other. And that is why the European government should lead the first trial for bioterrorism together with the other international bodies, without allowing international vetoes to leave this social and economic genocide in a simple anecdote to history.