Climate Change and its financial impact

In these days thIn these days that the major meeting on Climate Change is celebrated, there are many voices that speak of the need for changes in the world economic system, or the need to finance climate change so that it can really be carried out, that is , we talk more about social policy than the same technology that could give us that shift towards a more sustainable planet.

Technology has shown that there are many scientific results that really disprove much of the basic or banal ideas discussed in these conferences. At the same time, the financial world is abstracted from all these symposiums, considering that they do not lead to any destination, and that they will only help countries to create new departments, structures, or even “kiosks” that will continue through studies and more banalizing studies something as serious as the matter is.

If something surprises me in all these meetings, is the lack of these professionals, financial and technical, capable of offering results and solutions, and we would possibly find many surprises.

From Planet Cluster, as a financial company, we have been providing coverage and advice to the world of the most innovative technologies for many years, and among our clients we have true technological innovations capable of altering the course of history in terms of climate change, if anything we have been able to learn In these years, technology exists, it is not necessary to look for it, there is already technology to “revolutionize” climate change.

But not only that, at the same time, our work with them, the reality of nations in their incapacity to finance a large part of technological changes to improve services and the application of innovative “climate friendly” technologies, have led us to evaluate the viability of their implementation, and surprisingly, if we carry out the “polluting technological blackout” while “turning on eco-technologies”, the economic savings for society could have a financial impact on up to 80% in some of those services, which would make unnecessary any eco fund, any eco tax, … .

The meetings are only serving for the demagogy and the request for money, for the justification of taxes, etc., but, has anyone stopped to ask the new technologies and the innovation what can they offer us to give solution to the problems?, and, which real cost can it suppose? The answer is more than obvious. Our clients linked to this type of innovations are prepared and with techniques that really reduce the cost of the service itself, improve the climate and are friendly with biosystems and the human being, but because less costs, because the economic-financial performance is superior and because they do not need to create new funds or taxes to implement it, possibly, it is the cause that makes no one have consulted the experts and it is easier to put a group of young people as a panel to request funds that are not needed.

Planet Cluster, is not against the forums and meetings, Planet reclaims because the true experts are not asked, you do not have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to improve it so that it does not contaminate, if from the wheel from wood, we went to rubber one, why can we not go to non-polluting techniques and at the same time saving costs? Experts are waiting for someone to consult them; I just don’t know if there is interest in it.