This Tuesday I woke up with the best of gifts a Democrat can receive, the news that democracy still has a chance in our society and in this new Age.

It has had to be a Mediterranean country, the cradle of democracy, which has shown that democracy still has salvation. Italian society, demos or citizens, has shown maturity that in no way, those countries that consider themselves more advanced, northern Europeans,  Anglo-Saxons,  have been able to achieve in last decades.

That democracy is injured with death, that is what every observer could assess until the citizens of a millennial society have shown that it still has a future. Italy is the first country in the world to not only defeat a pandemic in an orderly and supportive manner, but at the same time, its government takes responsibility for the true chaos of this disaster, the deep financial crisis of the states. Italy, its citizens, and in this case, a group of its politicians have opted to lose weight on political structures to begin defeating the true pandemic that has wiped out the world, the abusive public indebtedness of states because of exaggerated growth of political bodies, excessive corruption and truly inoperativeness.

While societies, proudly and considered superior country than the Latin Mediterranean, voted their own economic annihilation in the Brexit referendum, in the election of authoritarian, inoperative and unable to recognize what is a multilateral, bilateral, or a simple mask, leaders which is leading them to the brink of internal social rupture in their respective countries; the Mediterranean has once again demonstrated its ability to rebuild and adopt a maturity that was often doubtful.

Societies from countries such as Portugal, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, …, are proving that they are able to address, within the true pandemic reality, that the underlying problems of the states are in their own structures, and that they must be the ones removed in order to survive the greatest gift that the Greeks gave us.

The Western world is facing a paradigm that Italy has shown can be vehiculated correctly. Fratricidal and absurd clashes between Greece, Turkey and France; demonstrations of authoritarianism by leaders like Trump or his twin Jonhson, the incompetences of many Latin American governments as they face the pandemic, putting society in grave danger as they look the other way and see their economies end up crumbling as they steal the crumbs that remain on the plate, have seriously jeopardized the future of most democracies. Winds of sabers in some countries, winds of civil conflict in others, winds of secessions in others and winds of authoritarianism in countries previously unimaginable to consider possible only six months ago, have led us to a path where no way out was seen.

Today, we can thank Italy and its citizens, because they have shown us that the year 2020 has a solution, possibly, it has no vaccine, but it does have a cure; Montenegrins have shown us that with or without pandemic life continues and the economy grows and that changes do not create any stress; Portugal has managed to control the spread of the pandemic better than anyone else without affecting its economy either; in short, Mediterranean countries betting on a future and a way out that the rest of the countries, including the remaining Mediterranean countries, should follow.

The real crisis is not in the pandemic, it has always been known and never meant, the real crisis is in an economy weakened by over-indebtedness of states because of the superstructures that have been created. Society has unbalanced the balance between rights and obligations, and its politicians have taken advantage of these circumstances, now is the time to bet on changing them.

Society with the pandemic has found that obligations must be above rights for the future of ours to exist; society has accepted, even in a bad way, that it is necessary to impose obligations above rights, and that is something that we must all accept; but also, it is time to demand those same obligations to those who address us in a chaotic way.

Policy needs to make way for an intelligent, professional, and regulated system of government that prevents dismantling by incompetents and staff lacking skills and abilities. It cannot be that politicians lie and have no consequences, health or social decisions cannot be made, assessing politics rather than citizen security, and most importantly, the people cannot continue to be robbed. Governments in all states, before pursuing money laundering transactions, need to pursue their own corruptings, their own transactions and negligence; structures need to be thinned so that public debt does not go to values above 170%, as they lie to us with 140% by not considering the 30% annual fall in GDP. They also lied to us about all this. It cannot be that the data they communicate either out of knowledge, error or politically correct does not have repercussions when they are shown to be totally wrong. As in a private company, the wrong one is responsible and if it is necessary to get it out of the play, it must be so.

Italy is eliminating 30% of the incapable, vague and inconsiderate of the society that voted for them, which will mean the onset of a thinning of the institutions that will curb some of the waste. There’s a lot to do, but they’ve started. Now all that remains is that the other societies,demos, of citizens, demand the same thing, the thinning of institutions so that society can eat, can getout of poverty and not prevent the economy from functioning again in an orderly and free way.