Society is undergone a psychological terrorist attack by the states themselves, following guidelines that, from the barrier one would consider to be a three-track circus. Covid  has helped silence and justify the financial crisis of the states, their bankruptcy, revoltsand social protests, demonstrations and meetings against different governments, … .

But it has also helped to reflect the incompetence, the ignorance of those who lead us, the shamelessness of the states and the organisms that, always according to them, ensure our health.

These days, I’ve had a chance, from Montenegro, to meet with one of the most prominent, internationally speaking geneticspecialists, I was vaccinatedor the Oxford vaccine disaster and why, the potential solutions, and failures of what is being done; while beingsurprised by the behaviour of a society, also touched by the Covid, but which has decided to move forward with its economy, its political changes and the social life that Montenegrins have always enjoyed.

From here, I have been able to search for all the anecdotes, to name them in some decent way, of the various politicians and governments worldwide, such as the recommendation of bleachvaccines; or that asymptomatics  only spread if they breathe; or that masks are the solution, now no longer and then yes but those that we recommend because they are a revolution ininnovation, … , and so many absurdity that have ended up generating internal terror on who are the ones who run  our states.

The Minister of Health of Peru reported that asymptomatic patients only infect if they breathe

While the Monopoli-style West ordered millions and millions of vaccines, Russia and China, the great demons and incompetent in the pandemic, have passed the various tests of their vaccines and begun their implementation. That doesn’t indicate that it’s correct, and that the side effects in the future are null. In fact, to the question if I would put any, not of those, but of any, the answer of mine would be a total denial, since any of them have not passed the critical phases for identifying side effects, and if not to tell those who have to suffer from myelitis from now on with one of the vaccines under test. Terribly painful and incurable disease.

In this circus, where the Covid  is the first of the clues, do not forget the second of the clues, which are the budgets of all states, the financial funds to theoretically fight against the pandemic, … . In January of the same year,we were talking about the crisis so serious that it was coming to us, and that as some say, it was not industrial or the private market, but of the statesthemselves, that is, the technical bankruptcy of western economies because of their inability to reduce state debt and thus the subsequent lack of being able to cope with future payments of it without tax hikes or reduction of their cost infrastructures. Now, the justification for bankruptcy will no longer have waste, corruption, or Brexit, the only guilty is the Covid, as he cannot defend himself against such accusations.

Boris Johnson introduced two bills that violate the Brexit agreements

And since the third clue could not be missed, we find the most stratotic of them, where  the Marx brothers  could not overcome it. It is the  clue where incongruous comments from popular Latin American presidents have become a funny anecdote, to make way for statements by presidents giving condolences of terrorists; or Announcements of Peace Nobel Award that  are directly racist and support freedom to carry and use weapons. When society is able to be unda0thed before this kind of fact, I begin to consider that something very serious happens to society, not to our leaders, but to society that is not able to get up and shout an, Enough already!!

Donald Trump nominated for Peace Nobel Award

Speaking to geneticists, they clarified to me that today it is easy to identify Covid in a matter of minutes or even less; that genetics can determine which type of individuals may be asymptomatic,  presymptomatic,, enfermos  mild, orsevere,that is, that it could be isolated to those who might be moreseverely exposed, and you could identify the sources of contagion accurately and quickly..

On the other hand, if we look at the number of deaths and the decline of the death curve in many countries, Covid remains a problem, but comparatively with other deadly diseases on the planet, it does not occupy any of the top ten, so the interest and attention that has been concentrated is beyond all logic.

Montenegrin society and the country, in general, have shown me another way to live with disease, another way in which society has not lost the essence of what it should be, the commitment to a certain future and the desire to continue living, in short. A country, which reminds me of the best times of construction in Western countries, a country, which, with all its fallacy, does not fail and seeks to succeed, in short, a society and governments that have tried to seek an order, not a new order, but move forward with its day-to-day life, in the after-future of its generations.

I look from here at Europe and the whole West, and I perceive bewilderment, miscontrollism, panic, skepticism, pessimism, and countless negative qualifiers who advocate any social species for their disappearance. To shake hands is a crime, to embrace a crime, to gather a transgression, to work a danger, …, elements that in certain cultures might be normal, in Western societies will only serve to destroy the model and essence of what they were and the future of generations to come.

The number of deaths from Covid is high, and they need to be watched for, but there are more deaths from other diseases and activities. Worst of all, what we are going to leave after covid is such a destroyed society that the number of deaths from third causes, now insignificant, may be higher than those caused by this supposed pandemic.

Governments have to decide, assume their real responsibilities in the global financial crisis, curb Brexit terrorist governments, repudiate and condemn unfounded racist and  nationalist exaltations,tas  make  pandemic decisions, respond to the future of countries, and lead a path to go;; y condenar exaltaciones racistas or make way for those who can answer all the questions that society has at the moment and that multiply exponentially every day. I  will never feed or support the Conspiracy lovers, but it is time for society in general shout in unison Enough already!!