The world market has faced in recent years a total change in realities and financial patterns. Everything that used to be solutions has now been transformed into restrictions, prohibitions and barriers. Investment is not so simple, international transfers have become a real hell, global trade relations have disappeared and the restrictions, prohibitions and protectionism of countries have returned. PLANET CLUSTER has, since before the financial crisis, created the new financial models that in the coming years will be the only solutions in the international market. PLANET CLUSTER does not believe that “putting doors to the field” creates a problem so that companies and governments can continue to develop and grow.


We have an experienced team in all kind of international financial and banking services with the ability to offer customized products and without risking customer finances, transforming investment expenses into a financial benefits.

  1. Financial structuring of Megaprojects
  2. International banking operations management
  3. Investment planning
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions
  5. Debt restructuring
  6. Financial asset management
  7. Risk assessment


We design the perfect tax structure for each business model, within the international legal parameters that offer viable alternatives to answer to the different needs and obligations of each client, investment and international project.

  1. International tax structuring
  2. Evaluation of recurring taxation
  3. Tax impact analysis


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