Europe has demonstrated its inability to manage itself as one, in a solidarity and one-sided way when it comes to decision-making. But if anyone has sought their particular and personalistic interest throughout their history it has been Germany

If in the 1990s Germany disassociated itself from Europe’s unilateral decision not to recognize the division of Yugoslavia and led to the start of the Balkan war of which the only victor was Germany itself, since the result of it ensured possible intervention in international conflicts; return to control of its officers, which had been denied since World War II for obvious reasons; and the return to the market of arms production without any limit; as well as, of course, a certain monopoly that it acquired in the Balkan region over the winners; now re-marked with the unilateral decision to close its borders, before the European consensus, to all citizens of Italy and Spain.

Speaking about Germany is to talk about its banking corruption, of the interventions of Deutsche Bank by Europol for being the deposit of all the large mafia groups or unwanted International Government Agencies, as where the funds for all kinds of irregular activities and affecting entire countries come from; of the corruption of large business groups, which have surprisingly been able to overcome international scandals of prostitution, pedophilia, …, always in third world countries, or at least they consider it; of his government’s corruption to the European Union, diverting all kinds of funds from the community for its own benefit and to justify its alleged aid to the rest of the Union, when they were actually doing so with third-party funds (for security reasons I do not expose the names of the companies and instruments created); to maintain discriminatory wage policies among European citizens from different backgrounds. So we could make a list that we wouldn’t finish.

But if anything has stood out to his spirit of Great Germany, it has been his claim, never silenced, to buy islands in the Mediterranean from the countries of southern Europe under the pretext of helping countries economically, a rather debatable spirit of solidarity.

With the COVID-19 crisis, Germany has raised its general discriminatory approach. The seizure of medical devices intended for Switzerland and other countries; and the prohibition of the entry of Community citizens through their borders before the unanimous decision of the rest; other aspects such as the falsification of their data on contagion and deaths from the pandemic must be added with the clear aim of demonstrating their superiority to the rest of the world; and finally the biggest scandal that could bring the so-called European Union into the creation of first and second-rate citizens.

While in Europe the commitment to non-transitory citizens between regions and between countries remains in Europe, with Germany being one of the main commitments of this action, just suggesting a new normalization for its German or European Citizens of first, the possibility of travelling to tourist destinations in the Mediterranean while the rest of Europe remains confined. Their criteria, always supposedly supportive, envisage the creation of “COVID-free Zones”, or rather, exempt from control measures so that their citizens can enjoy a well-deserved holiday after being the ones who have breached all kinds of protocols, have falsified data and kept their industries running unlike the southern countries, maintaining a speech , together with the Netherlands, discriminatory, blaming the south for being negligent cultures, disorganized and unable to maintain order.

It seeks the opening of certain territories or islands, which they then intended to buy, for the free movement of their citizens, although the rules of restriction of transit will be maintained for the rest of the citizens of the same territories that they will visit, both in the same country and in a purported visit to Germany, that is forbiden.

Here are the new European categories of first and second-class citizens. For many hoteliers and even for their countries, this measure can be exceptionally interesting, since it lost the year, being able to rectify the large losses, even with minimums of entry would not be negligible in any way, but everything must be evaluated to its correct extent.

The lack of fair monitoring of COVID controls in all countries, the inability of the recipient countries of this German tourism to actually control the identification of potential asymptomatic contagions, the lack of regulatory health regulations at the moment, and the precipitation of the intended opening times make it impossible to control the pandemic. At the same time, the identified areas usually have a mixed workforce, i.e. local citizens and the import of citizens of the countries of origin of tourism in order to serve them in their own language, who has not found himself in Mallorca with a bar where they were only served in German? And that the Spanish and autonomous community regulations prohibit such services. In short, economic improvement is theoretically cross-cutting and helps the issuing country and the recipient. It is outside this analysis that 85% of Germans, for example, of visitors to the Canary Islands go to undeclared holiday apartments and all negotiated in Germany, that is, that the black market that Germany itself has created on the islands is the largest beneficiary of such a measure.

But the problem is no longer being able to give this permit but the post-holiday period. You should not be an expert to know that tourism, especially Chinese, but also the other tourists who had had contact with these first, were the Zero group of the pandemic in Italy and Spain, the world’s main recipients of this type of tourism, and therefore, both countries became the most harmed, not because they were disorganized , not because they have suspiciously negligent governments, but because they are the biggest recipients of tourism in Europe. Now they want us to welcome these groups of tourists, of first-class citizens and that in September or October the rebounds of the pandemic, focused on the tourist regions, the supposedly “COVID-free zones” will assume the consequences of that unilateral opening. And when aid is needed, those who now demand the opening of borders will keep theirs closed again, blaming the south for incompetence and negligence.

The resurgence of the pandemic, while not explained, does not exempt the first-time infected, that is, it is a “zero-based” resurgence with which the country will be at total risk again. While I have always considered the politics of confinement so long and aggressive, after all the effort and economic sacrifice made by a society unfairly described as disorganized and negligent, a society that has tried to hide its data as little as possible, a society very critical of its government but which has assumed its obligations; Now, as Second Citizens in the European Union, they are intended to be banned from moving, to ban travel in Europe, but to accept the tourist flow and to accept that in less than three months we will have to return to anti-social measures generated by those other First Citizens who come from Northern Europe.

The economic cost of this purported economic salvation of tourism may mean much higher figures than the profits generated in that quarter, and that is that, when paying the results of this discriminatory opening, it will be the citizens of southern Europe who will have to bear that cost since those of the North will claim that for that they already paid their stay in the Mediterranean.

With the pandemic, it was known that societies would change, but I doubt that anyone would know that we would be classified as First and Second Citizens, with totally different freedoms for each other. Welcome to the new European Union! where some enjoy and others serve and pay.