In the front of ignorance common sense

It is well known that the financial world maintains a very dynamic life of messages throughout the internet system, where the most serious news intermingles with endless absurd, controversial or even immoral news.

As a company and as professionals, we had never encountered the abuse of more absurd communications that can move in a professional market. It’s hard to think that there are markets with the same number of such ridiculous communications

In front of the avalanche of all kinds of inquiries by our customers, the company set out to keep the most truthful and correct information possible on any matter that might appear and that would concern our customers. Well, the one that the volume of inquiries has ended up overloading the reality of our teams since it is impossible to try to keep the answers up to date.

Although, the financial and fiscal market can be very complex, the reality is that there is a rule that is met in all scientific, social or even cultural environments and that helps us evaluate, even, what we ask: In front of Ignorance the Common sense is what gives us the answers.

Thus, we have to understand that when the operations are very big, when our interlocutors do not have the minimum knowledge of financial, when the news comes to break with the current socio-economic structure, when aliens or countries that have remained as pariahs within of the banking system, even for self-interest, they appear in the news breaking the schemes of any current financial ideology, all that, we must mark it as FAKE, that is, false news.

Nowadays, the responsibility of the massmedia and social networks in the dissemination of all this kind of information, or even of communication or illicit publicity regarding the financial environment, is being discussed, and the reality is that in the future it will have to establish that parameter of responsibility of the massmedia, because the supersaturation of information should not exempt from responsibility the platforms that allow its dissemination. or we will end up in a society that is totally manipulable with news that can end up breaking the socio-economic structures, simply because of the immorality of being able to spread what each one wants without a minimum of contrast and responsibility for the information.

Even so, the responsibility of each user is to interpret the information that arrives and in in front of possible ignorance in the matter, we will always have common sense, since a donkey cannot fly, by simple logic that it has no wings, out of knowledge in physics, biology or any other science.