It has always been feared to repeat the mistakes of the twentieth century and the war conflicts that did so much damage. A bacteriological or nuclear war has always been feared. The power of the people has always been feared. It has always been thought that the established financial and economic powers could not be overcrowded.

As people have short-term memory, let’s just remember all of you that on social level, a month and a half ago, there were a global increase revolts around the world. The main core, Hong Kong. Although there was no continent to be saved from this spread from widespread social disappoint.

If we remember the economic sector, the Climate phenomenon, it was generating a push for global change in the productive concept that mainly affected countries such as United States and China that advocated minimizing the phenomenon. China, the largest producer of all, had a volume of growth and presence of foreign companies that was affecting the Chinese government’s control of its own economy.

If we recheck the financial sector, it had long term reported to us the arrival of an unimaginable dimensions crisis that people could not understand. Oil was destined to become another current product and not The Product. The increasingly weakened dollar worried all countries, and especially the largest dollar holders, China, Iran, … .

Today, after a pandemic virus, initially simulated in various economic and political forums, broadcast even in animated series, initiated in China and infected the rest of the world; no one remembers the social revolts, and there has not been a single shot to make them silence, armed conflicts have stalled, paralyzed, or agreed to peace, such as the United States with the Taliban, within hours of decreeing the pandemic.

The financial crisis kicked off, theoretically motivated by patient zero’s first sneeze, and all pan-national circumstances have been obscured by that simple sneeze. In addition, rumourology was exploited, and at the time of the biggest stock market crash, the Chinese government regained more than 35% of the control of international companies present in his country, while making a significant share in the American economy by injecting financial resources that the government needed in exchange for taking control of USA companies, technology and patents. As it is commonly said, two birds with alone stone, the economy and finances working together to readjust the system.

The current stock market drops of the rest of the world will be readjusted with the injection of funds into the financial system motivated by the mass purchase of the same that are being made with the global financial system. The indebtedness of European countries, result of a more protectionist social policy, will end up putting their debt in foreign third hands.

If there was any doubt of who would lead the world in the future, this pandemic reached the Russian government without the strategic ability to take position in the financial operation, and finally proved that the utopia of a European Union was just that, a utopia.

When quarantine will be over, when society will leave their homes, when economic engines will roar again, we will check that the world is no longer the same, that democracies have lost some of their freedoms, that the economy is on hands of others , that European governments will face the reality of economic disunity, which countries such as Italy or Spain will lead an anti-European social phenomenon motivated by the Union’s lack of collaboration that will start the future dismemberment of a Union that never existed.

China and the United States have shown that the new world wars are being played with bacteriological agents, but not on a battlefield, instead of that they use the best chessboard, and never competing among themselves, they played against the rest, without they having any idea of that are inside the game. As it was the case in World War II, the United States has managed perfectly, making that the world look not at the origin of the game, sacrificing the pawns, Europe, and curiously, no one has noticed and sacrificed themselves as pawns. Only the United Kingdom has been able to assess its position as a bishop of the party and avoid entering financial suicide, but I doubt about the same results in its economic.