I would like to think that viral specialists are at the forefront of protocols and statistical analyses by governments, but when I hear politicians and when the facts point out to us patterns of medieval action, yes, the same ones that were used in the face of the Black Plague and other pandemics of that time, I can only hope that it is really simple politicians who are making the decisions and not specialists in medicine and sociology who evaluate and make decisions, because if it is otherwise, the scientific community has not pass in the evaluation of the pandemic.

There are so many gaps in everything concerning the management and information of the pandemic that there comes a time when I do not know where to start trying to reason the great absurdity of misdeeds. If the twentieth century was the century of the Great Wars, I think we should christen the 21st century as that of the GREAT GOVERNMENT ABSURDITY. And I do not refer to one government or another, but to the whole world government, because if there is one thing, that I am clear about is that no one has listened to medical and social scientists.

So, let’s start with the contagion data, and I’m not going to criticize how some countries do it or others do differently. There are absolutely simple elements that society understands, such as that if you do more tests on society you will obtain more sick people and if you reduce them the sick are reduced, so to evaluate sick people with regard to population without considering the number of tests carried out is to make a comparison of primary, simplistic and without scientific rigor.

If we already pattern that, the first assessment of governments and their management should be the test number carried out by every hundred thousand inhabitants and penalize those whose numbers are absurd. Where is the good work? In those that it reaches 100 thousand tests per 100 thousand inhabitants, another result shows the inefficiency of governments.

As the test number is different, the number of sick inthe population is not comparable. The number of tests should also be taken into account in order to create a correct key figure. So, we can conclude that ALL governments are deceiving the population and using numbers for their own profit.

Now, let’s move on to another of that rather debatable scientific knowledge, confinement, quarantine, or how we want to define it. This pattern dating back to the Middle Ages is a guideline that serves as an element of despair against incontinence. Yes, that is, when a government or a scientific community DOES NOT KNOW what to do, it returns to guidelines from a thousand years ago, – yes gentlemen – a thousand years – to contain the unknown.

In our case, that stranger is not so much, we know how it is, we have it identified, we know how it spreads and that it can mutate, that is, we know that his erratic behavior of contagion resembles, and I apologize for the comparisons, that of a gripe. That is, it does not follow guidelines such as Ebola, yellow fever, HIV, …, its pattern is defined. Another thing is its activity, its way of attacking organisms and its virulence, but since it spreads is quite identified, so talking about Waves as if we were talking about sunamis besides being unsoquerological is almost an insult. Because if something has been proven, it is that unlike the gripe, it does not follow a seasonal procedure.

If we know, then, the pattern of contagion, the confinement system is useless, and more so when it becomes partial, with special circumstances, or as everyone has defined, is like putting doors to the field, the spread of contagion will continue irretrievably, so that no current scientist can assess confinement as effective, and more so when the density of population held by home, center or ward is not evaluated, as density affects both the disease and the spread of other diseases where group confinement helps its most efficient spread, see tuberculosis, for example. In short, anyone who says that the scientific committees that are specialists set the tone for confinements, or lie or would be better off assessing the scientific capacity of these committees, in the Middle Ages it was understandable, not today.

On the other hand, there is still no safe scientific check on temperature behavior, so, who compares countries of different latitudes to know which does it best is like comparing the heights of people from different countries to assess who eats best, it makes no sense at all.

Having said that, and we could continue to establish more elements of government absurdity, the only thing that we can make clear about this FIRST GREAT WORLD ABSURDITY is that there is no ideology of the last century that can survive the new challenges of the 21st century, that is, we should call for the recasting of political parties and their leaders so that other kinds of governments will replace the currently obsolete ones.


Criticizing is easy, but no one gives solutions with common sense, in my conversations with specialists in the field I have been able to carry out some assessments with a scientific and social criterion that would allow us to evolve as human beings, as a society and as a world.

First of all, the pandemic is not such, it is a virulent disease but if COVID is pandemic, at the moment we also have the pandemic of influenza, HIV, coronary heart disease, cancers, and countless diseases that every day kill as many or more people than COVID itself. I mean, let’s not scare the population, it’s a new, virulent disease, but it’s not Ebola, it’s not deadly for everyone, it’s more like a more aggressive gripe.

If the pandemic is ruled out, it should be noted that population analyses should be more comprehensive, i.e. that figure has to be reached where the analyses are to the entire population and should possibly be institutionalized, which does not mean that the state does, but that it manages it and looks for who can offer that service at the level that is needed. To do this, it must be taken into account that the prices that are handled today are abusive and totally illogical; analysis times are exaggerated; and wait times and waiting environments are totally immoral. In short, everything that is being done would have to be thrown away and started from scratch. There are computers capable of detecting the virus in less than 5 minutes, computers that do up to 360 tests at a time. Those teams are on the market, but curiously they’re not in government analysis labs. They are also economical teams, talking about the equipment that is normally used, and the average cost of analysis does not exceed 10 euros in the worst case, so the question to governments is why the 150 euros and the three days of waiting, makes no sense at all. Another scientific guideline that shows that good practices can be done.

Another issue to rule out as the final solution is vaccines. The virus mutates, that is already known, so vaccines are made against pre-existing strains, such as in the flu, which makes it not a definitive solution, but a buffer of rapid mass contagion. That is, vaccines will help, but will not SOLVE, so it will not be the final solution as it is being sold.

Finally, and most importantly, of all the scientific analysis that no one has stopped to evaluate. The COVID virus behaves like an aggressive influenza process, but only about less than 3.7% of the population, leading us to pose a more efficient management criterion. Every day people come out with asthma, people with allergies, …, people who for the rest of the population any smallness is not a problem, but that for them can be death and for that reason, and aware of it are protected while the rest follow a normal life. Well, that’s what you’d have to be evaluating or analyzing. That 3.7% of the population must be identified. In conversations with geneticists and viralists, they confirm to me that this is feasible and not complicated, which would be much cheaper and more efficient for public health than trying to work on the total population. This is called Population Segmentation.

In just a few minutes I have identified the conclusions that experts really recommend, so the only question I ask myself is who is really behind these scientific advisers of the governments, which is intended with this ABSURDITY and who makes political or economic benefit from it for no reason that is leading the economy and its society to bankruptcy. The policy of social welfare has disappeared, we are losing the democratic freedoms that kept us, governments are becoming authoritarianisms and society continues to die from sickness or hunger, so that we must stop this GREAT WORLD ABSURDITY and that society re-control its institutions and demand that those who manage them that are at the height of the 21st century and do not continue to live in the 10th century.

The solution is not simple, but yes practically feasible and economically feasible.