Montenegro Investment Group acquires Planet Cluster

In its growth objective, the Planet Cluster group has been bought by a Montenegrin financial group. All the companies of the Planet Cluster group will be integrated into the structure that will lead the financial institution in Montenegro. The objective is to provide Planet Cluster Montenegro with all its greatest strength and financial and legal capacity so that the other companies of the group subsequently follow their same steps.

In next weeks, the company, purchased from the Spanish group will be made with the rest companies, including the Spanish one, although all jobs and their executives will be respected. The investment group comes to support growth without altering the exchange policy that began in 2015, after the last renewal of partners.

The group also intends to do with banking entities and generate one of the largest legal networks in the international tax area.

The changes in the international financial market and the rapid adaptation of the company to them have been the elements that are leading the group to significant growth at a time of global recession.