PLANET CLUSTER is the fruit of a group of professionals integrated under the same firm with a common objective: the development of a different and better quality service model, in which the knowledge of our different specialists intersect to give the most optimal solution to each problem that the client poses. PLANET CLUSTER develops a policy of permanent investigation of new models that advance the problems that different circumstances, international policies or governmental whims may impose on companies and investors


To respond to the client, PLANET CLUSTER is pioneeringly using the mathematical mathematical model. This is a model whose partial units are equal to each other and the sum of part or all of them generates identical models to each of the simple units; In other words, the whole and the part are the same.

 In short, PLANET CLUSTER is trying within the philosophy of the service itself to offer the client short-term results, without losing the sense and objective of working in the long term. However, today companies need immediate results that do not distort the subsequent objective of their goals.

This model, proven in mathematical and physical systems, when starting the activity on smaller structures and subsequently integrating more complex structures, has already given us excellent results when applied to our services, achieving an improvement in all the elements that affect the client: social, environmental and economic impact