Anyone who was going to tell us that a pandemic coronavirus could change financial structures in such a way that, until the insurmountable, just three months ago, it would become salvageable. The dollar found in the pandemic its justification for altering the rules of financial conduct.

In order to understand what we are talking about; we will only identify certain situations that have been colluding against the world’s reference currency during 2019. The whole market knows the precarious currency situation that governs the international markets, everyone recognises the situation of keeping it in that privileged position at the expense of any price. But over the past year, certain actions began to be identified, in the management of that currency, that could put the U.S. government’s relations with some of its recent new friends in a situation of high weakness.

It is well known in the political world that economic aid from one country to another is the best foundation for repairing open wounds and seeking a resurgence of good relations between countries. Such policies have been continuously managed by both the United States and Russia and China, although each in its own system.

During 2019, certain anomalies were discovered in the management of the manufacture of the American currency and its management when it was dispatched to third countries with which they sought to maintain good relations again.

The market, for the first time, identified the duplicity or even triplicity of the production of certain series of the most important currency in the world. Interestingly, it came about fortuitously and unlucky, but put the American government on alert to trying to alleviate that this policy pursued within the financial support to third countries would not become a really serious and irreparable problem.

In the midst of this crisis, and with reports of movements of funds delivered by the American government to third countries, the so-called coronavirus pandemic landed as raining from heaven and thus the recommendation of the use of digital payments rather than the use of the currency.

Something that to the general public reports nothing, rather than greater control of our spending and movements by governments; for the dollar means the salvation of its international relations, being able to transform all that existing amount of funds in much of the world into serial digital currency, in this case, correctly. Moreover, it will help the American government to identify all its own currency movements in irregular transactions with countries such as Iran, North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba and other pseudo-enemies it maintains with economic constraints.

Moreover, countries that have kept their own currencies, in many cases, and in the face of the crisis arising from this pandemic may end up deciding to annex themselves to stronger currencies such as the dollar, euro, pound, yen or yuan, so that controlling the global economic flow through cryptocurrencies, rather than transforming into a free trade as the creators of the first versions intended, , will become more tight control over global economies and their taxation.

The cryptocurrency will not only be able to identify its fork, but also the traceability of its entire operation and exchange rate justification, allowing governments greater digital control over the entire global economy, making everything related to tax havens disappear almost immediately. Anyone who thinks that moving cryptocurrency is simpler should understand that digital systems can immediately identify the disappearance and appearance of them between some points and others on the planet and their ownership changes, making control much more effective and intuitive.

Financial libertarians run out of the utopian illusion of an uncontrolled world. The United States has been shown the light at the end of the tunnel with the solution of all the problems that were intended to be solved in the coming years. Quickly and effectively, they will be able to immediately re-control where their resources and their holders are, such as solving potential diplomatic problems, and how to return to a transparent global economy, or at least with the transparency they desire.