From the political organizations of all Western countries it is called for the tranquility, calm and future recovery of the first world economy. In the face of such patriotic or Western nationalist optimism, we should question whether it is simply election propaganda or whether, and as many statesmen and experts assume, the leaders of Western governments do not live up to the real circumstances in which we are immersed. In either case, the West countries face an uncertain and unworkable recovery.

We have already discussed in other articles the unviability of the V-recovery of the Western economy, so we will not re-enter it. We have already discussed in other articles of the fall in GDP that we will reach this year, and which will take us to forty years ago. We have already discussed in other articles of the change of cycle or Economic-social era and the end of the transition period between the Ages. But the question to be asked would be, and now what?

Western governments do not understand that any economic solution that is proposed from the previous case or case model no longer works. The Harvard case model is obsolete with the cycle change, and any solution previously used is not feasible in a scenario that is far from resembling any other in contemporary history.

To explain what we are wanting to identify, let us set out the real scenario in which Western democracies are located as opposed to 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Let us remember that 20 years ago globalization was talking about and what this was going to change our lives, as the internet would impact work systems, the economy and even trade, while in Europe we integrated the currencies of each country to create a stronger and more inclusive currency, the Euro; and society would have new alternative gender laws to integrate the whole of society under the same umbrella of freedom.

For 30 years since the Berlin Wall fell, Western countries came together and opened their doors in order to collaborate on an inclusive project that would help us improve our standard of living, which was achieved, making the social structures pre-established in the previous century move to a better life; gender equality laws to become a reality; and for Westerners to learn to walk through the West without having to understand that it was a frontier, the foundations of future globalization began.

But 40 years ago, the world lived its petty problems, produced and manufactured for its insignificant economies; countries were leaving their dictatorships; others were faced in indirect wars over now obsolete ideologies; social expenditures were going to increase arms and space races that were ultimately left to nothing. But it was the time of the great men in all countries, those who believed in change, those who believed in a world without borders, those who were willing to shout for equality and equality in everything, who cautiously knew how to take the necessary and essential steps for everything to change, society, economy, etc.; and most importantly, they were able to influence and influence a prepared, hard-working and sacrificial generation, which accepted and faced the challenges that all placed on them, triumphing as no one would have thought. It was the Golden Decade of Western society from a socioeconomic point of view.

These are the scenarios that made the economy grow arithmetic, in a moments, and exponentially most of the time.

Today’s society sees these moments as the times of the departure of a gray time, of mediocre men who could not break radically with everything and impose systems, theoretically, more just and egalitarian from the very first; not to block states and bring them into a global system through regionalisms; to allow capitalism to destroy more just and social systems such as communism or Swedish socialism; not to eradicate any vestige of any past that was never better; and almost, had it not been technified by mobile phones, computers and any other contraption, which did not exist at the time. The blame for everything that happens today is those mediocre societies that sacrificed rather than being raped against injustice; who thought of their society, family and children, instead of thinking about them and living better or their air of personal freedom, unrelated to what the rest thought or might expose them. It is not understood that a few international organizations, today NGAs, were the ones that tried to carry out social balance while the rest produced, just contrary to what it should be – “you have to stop production and bring equality to all by creating countless organizations that help achieve it, we will take care of production later”.

This is today, that is history; this is the new scenario, that one has passed; this is the new generation of intolerant egomaniacs and judges of a past who did not know, sacrifice, work and society as the central axis have disappeared; society serves the individual rather than the individual to society; social rules are defined as discrimination and an attack on the freedom of the individual; the asymptomatic sick goes for a walk because his freedoms cannot be skewed, and the one who gets sick is his problem and not the asymptomatic; we get out of pandemic stress and go on vacation, demanded of companies, or we leave as a bottle, or party, because first and foremost the individuals have already sacrificed for society for two months, and that is almost intolerable. Society wants money to continue living every month with a certain quality of life, it does not want solutions that put them to work.

A generation that mixes climate, sexual freedom, white supremacy, and communism without understanding or knowing the very meanings of those who eradicated all those and defended the most basic rights

We will have lost, unfortunately, and without judgment, forty years of economic growth in just one year, and recovery would require the spirits and great men and women of 40, 30 and 20 years ago to be able to recover slowly and without margin for error, all this loss. But the stage and the new protagonists are different, globalization left us without industries in the West; improving living standards allowed us to allow new generations before duties and obligations to have inalienable rights that prevented them from requesting such sacrifice; everything that was done 40 years ago has been called into question, and the new generations reject and deny any act that remembers that.

Without industry, without economics, with outdated services in the face of the new scenario, and without generations willing to address more than its personal problems and freedoms, any western government today does not have the tools to address, or even willingly, how to deal with possible recovery.

As we discussed in previous articles, we are in a new cycle, in a new Era where the above does not serve as an example, where we will have to change the social structures, their freedoms and their rules; we are facing an economic change that will return to the East the leading role that it had in the last 10,000 years and that by geographical accident of a character named Colón lost in less than 300 years. All in all, and with all the global change in the West, the question is not whether western governments are prepared to address a chimeric recovery, but whether governance structures and their leaders should be debated and evaluate their capabilities to address possible solutions. There is no talk here of republic or monarchy, left or right, of conservatives, liberals, socialists, socialist nationals, communists or anarchists; all of that is already something of the past, something obsolete, something that is not a solution but part of the problem. We must evaluate the capabilities, qualities and professionalism of the people who must lead future Western nations, if at all.

The world is full of people that wants to pick fruits from trees that never sowed

The East has already opted for a national socialist system as result of its experience, successes and failures with communist systems. This is not to say that it is the successful bet, it is simply the path on which they have bet and that right now it has put them back to lead the economy, politics and how we neglect, the world society; but it’s not that it’s the formula, but the West has not yet defined its formula, and with it, any glimpse of economic recovery will remain a chimera.

In this world there is nothing useful or great without effort or sacrifice (Adolfo Kolping)