We are in times of so much incompetence and uncertainty that even the conspiracy obsessives begin to be able to defend their inconsistencies. There is talk of second waves of the pandemic, when the reality is that the first wave has not yet passed. There is talk of who will get the vaccine first, but what is not said is that the labs that have developed them do not want responsibility for their production for fear of side effects in the future. There is talk of the beginning of classes and their start-up plan when teachers learned how good it was to teach at a distance. There is talk of so many things and so many absurdities, it seems that the world has gone mad and no one has noticed.

It is said that society has always been irrational, that it was human beings the rational one, but in recent times we have been able to tell that even human beings are irrational. The individual rights of men lead us to the asymptomatic sick having the right to spread to the rest; that no one has the right to demand health control from the individual, but yes, the individual is entitled to that health service. In short, all of us have rights and no obligations.

I have read, these days, in a column of a newspaper that the problem is that both governments and new generations of voters are incompetent, incapable and, at the end of all, ignorant of all knowledge to address any issue. While I found it harsh, reality gives the reason to the author.

We have forgotten the story, manipulated it at will, and thrown it away. Although the comparisons are odious, after centuries we have learned nothing from the Black Plague; we have learned nothing from the feudal economy; we have learned nothing from the French Revolution; …; if all that were to be reviewed, we have the solution in it.

No one knows that “quarantine” or “mask” appeared in the time of the Black Plague to avoid the contagions of those who came from outside urban centers, the first one, and the second one to avoid the bad smells of the Plague the latter, but there we have an example of how society got solutions. The world did not understand that control of the economy in the hands of a few gave greater power to these, the feudal lords, than to the governments themselves, and in the end, feudal monarchies realized and sought solutions. No one remembers that the diseases and famines of French society and the estrangement of government led to a revolution that put dictators and genocides at the helm of the government, ending up imposing the greatest French genocide, Napoleon, who led the world to the first great world conflict, even if it was not called the world war. We have so misrepresented the story that the genocidal has monuments all over the world as if it were a great hero.

If democracies move away from the reality of the people, if they forget from day to day and simply make decisions addressing the electoral impact it can have, the Western world is coming to an end in a very short time. Revolutions will return, dictators will return, and conflicts will return, just in a moment that we seemed most united, and we have learned nothing.

The solution is not in unproven vaccines; vaccines that will simply cushion the number of contagions, and thus deaths, but will not solve the problem. The solution is not in the immunization of the “herd”, even for that we lost the concept of society. The solution has always been present, but no one wants to take it on.

We have to start by understanding that the pandemic is not coming, it is not a tsunami, it is not a wave, but it is something that is already around us, that surrounds us and that coexists with us; we must stop panicking or provoke it; we must return to behaving as a society and remembering that we are all society rather than individuals and that we have obligations before rights, and that these obligations will help us overcome the elements that attack society.

Currently there are PCR equipment capable of performing COVID identification in 2 minutes; capable of these tests being individual or even up to 360 people at a time, so the speed of checking is monstrously large, and curiously, the teams significantly small and economical, and if they want references, there are Thermo Fischer, Abbot and countless international companies. We have systems, developed by Latin American and Spanish teams, such as Familygen, able to identify COVID before it enters the individual itself, that is, that we do not have to do those nasal or saliva tests so uncomfortable for everyone, simply with the fingerprint. But most important of all, if governments park their corruptions, we have all this with costs well below 2 euros, so from 180 euros today we could reduce it to 2 euros. Yes, for less than 2 euros a day, we would have the possibility to go out every day on the street, those who did not carry the COVID and follow a normal life, even without masks, or at least reducing its use to very crowded environments.

The cost for the government of such a control is minimal comparatively with the million-dollar losses that has caused to the economy. Companies would even be willing to pay it without any problem, because losses mean more than control, and if not to be told to airlines, hotels or car factories, what is that impact of 2 euros per customer per employee compared to the current losses to which they are subjected.

The main problem is that the first day of controls would awaken society to the reality that is being hidden, the pandemic is among us, and it does not come as a wave, but is already here. We would awaken to the reality of all who are carriers, sick or have passed it unknowingly. But we would also realize that, within the bad, it is not so serious. Governments would face their own lies and their corrupts, but in the end, they would be undertaking the only possible solution, to make everyone see, that with the truth we will all be able to take the necessary measures to return to a more or less orderly life, and avoid the famines and decline in which we are immersing ourselves. Society is mature and would know how to assume that reality, which it will never forgive is that governments do not face it with responsibility, mature and honesty.

The solution is to know who has it for them to accept this 15-day quarantine, in the middle age it was 35 to 40 days, and we end up isolating the virus and overcoming it, making society, and not the herd, progressively incommunicado, while the sanitary people simply take care of the serious cases, but knowing the whole real scenario , day by day.

If the governments that are obtaining vaccines are not wanting to take responsibility for their productions, and without supporting the conspiracy obsessives, we are faced with a reality of total helplessness in the face of more than debatable products. Instead, identifying and avoiding propagation is easier and cheaper and does not cause side effects.

Our ancestors said that “when the river rings, water carries”

Everyone knows the solution, only those who put the interests of society ahead of their own, and that society at maturity assumes the reality in which we find ourselves and the obligation that individuals have to it.