When PLANET CLUSTER was created, the company’s main objective was to offer a different vision of how to offer services, create and interact internationally. Respect for humanity and the planet became our ideological slogan.
In the course of these years we have managed to capture our personal brand through our innovative and revolutionary vision that has repeatedly been a cause for praise.
The company was born developing business for third parties, creating the financial and fiscal structure.
Today PLANET CLUSTER has become a conglomerate of financial, legal and fiscal services that have given rise to an advanced service model of its time.
We are currently a service company, under a prism of innovation and research that facilitates the development of private and public investment, and starts up completely obsolete economies.
PLANET CLUSTER has created the legal area with the objective of making life easier for companies, facilitating investment, mobility of their equipment, solving everyday problems, or real injustices caused in many cases by a complex legal structure that instead of benefiting has ended up damaging the economic development of societies.
All this, without forgetting that our goal is humanity and the planet and that this growth is thanks to professionals and their families, who are working “in and for” the PLANET CLUSTER group all over the planet.