The end of 2020 comes and the joy and hope of positive radical change intoxicaes everyone. Many things have changed this year, but one thing that is still alive is the hope of humanity. 2021 will be different … but for the better or worse?

Contrary that is said, I believe that 2020 has not been as nefarious a year as people indicate, and on the contrary, it is an insult to many people from who are considered to have been the worst year in recent history.

It is extremely easy for a first-world citizen to speak that this has been the worst year when, on the contrary, the Syrians have managed to get the war to subside, the ISIS country has disappeared, and many conflicts or terrorist groups have seen them lose ground or their wars. Who would dare tell a Syrian child rescued last year among the ruins that this year was worse? Shame should give more than one for thinking that way.

The year 2020 has been positive. It has served to demonstrate the inefficiency, inoperability and obsolescence of health systems and their governments in all countries of the world; it has served to accelerate changes in work systems and develop telework; it has served to re-find families for better or worse; it has served to show that rural environments are no worse than urban ones and that you can return to the countryside to live; it has served to make the planet work together and see an enemy different than territorial or nationalism; In resume, what’s wrong with this year?

There are people who will say that the year 2020 has been the year of COVID, like if the first of January 2021 there will be no more COVID; as if new pandemics, already announced by WHO, will not emerge because we have changed the year. Many will remember their losses because of this damn pandemic, but how many family and friends have lost to other diseases throughout the year, at least me, many more than COVID. But the people who lost to a child, a grandson, or any family member or members from a car, plane crash, or tsunami in the previous decade, tell him that this year was the worst year.

It exists as a kind of psychological terrorism, structured by anyone, that tries to propose that the solutions to this year’s problems will be the solutions to the whole future, that before there were no one who did things right or did them so badly, that those that are now the ones that will save us worldwide.

For all of them, and for the society who await for the year 2021, I inform all of you that the new year will be much worse than this year because, if we simply open our eyes we will realize that we enter a year in which unemployment is soaring and the economy is in the midst of crisis and all instrumentalized by governments; poverty is overbooking and empty are the food warehouses; vaccines will not arrive on time for new strains of the virus before doing the havoc they have to do, while cancers and heart attacks that kill many more people have been relegated to pure social ignorance; social norms and new laws will crush our most fundamental rights, forcing people to inoculate vaccines that WHO has exempted its manufacturers from any responsibility; where students will continue to be screened online, losing a few generations the social warmth of schools and universities mean; we will lose, if we have not already done so, a whole generation of athletes who will not be able to demonstrate their abilities and challenges that had beenmarked ; … . This is the wonderful year 2021, which everyone fervently awaits.

Let us be sensible, grit our teeth and look to the harsh reality that we will face, only in this way can we begin to fight against the harsh reality of this new century, of this new era, of this new society and seek in all negative construction the positive one that made us human, that made us society and that helped us to grow. We are what we want to be but let us remember that we must not lose what our ancestors fought for, freedom, equality, and fraternity.

I hope for this new year, 2021, that we enter with all the force possible and the conviction that only we can improve our future, nor governments, nor institutions, nor pharmaceutical multinationals, simply society, as throughout history human beings have shown those who managed it.