In the 1980s one of the great men of the economy, Alvin Toffler, author of The Third Wave, defined the new economic models that would be imposed in the next century, and thus that would lead to social, political and cultural changes. Alvin Toffler imposed a period of chaos or reorganization called the period of revolutions that have been identified with the various crises and new models of global conflicts and changes.

The changes, seen from the point of view of economic and financial specialists, were being somewhat slow. This global pandemic has helped the structures, which had to be adjusted, now made by the fast track, and at the exit of it we will find a totally different world.

Some experts talk about Asian models at the level of social behaviour such as the models of the future to be implemented in Western societies, these are the missing elements to be able to have a much more regulated society. To this end, the most important part that needed to be available was data management, information, the new global value that replaces the petroleum element as the basis of the economy.

The laws of social control and monitoring, which in Western societies would be absolutely unworkable to impose in other times, now, these days, has been imposed, and surprisingly has been well accepted by all societies, in post of the good of the same society. Social change is imposed automatically, the social model changes, and class models are altered. We move on to an information-based model, where the registered, unregistered, and released classes from the registry will be imposed.

From the point of view of political and state models, the pandemic crisis has only served to demonstrate unviable models such as Europeanism, which from the time of the Romans proved unviable in the face of two totally different cultural models, Latin Humanism and The Anglo-Germanic Economism or Liberalism. Today Brexit is no longer news, but what will happen to the rest of Europe divides Divided, even more than after World War II. The capacity of the empires of our time to make and undo without repercussions, quite the contrary, being reinforced, as is the pandemic itself propagated by one of them, shows the weakening of European society with regard to the great continental empires of Asia and America that already by the 7th to the 10th century existed and marked our futures.

From an economic point of view, only several key elements of the three most influential empires at the moment can be identified, control of production and services falls back to Asia, in China, specifically; oil control from an international policy point of view has become totally controlled by Russia; while the United States advocates more for the future of the exploitation of the new mineral resources it controls politically, through satellite governments, in other countries, and to end, with territorial expansionism outside even the planetary borders, granting itself in the midst of this crisis, and unilaterally, control of the exploitation of the moon’s resources.

Unsurprisingly, and to finish identifying political changes, if in 1939 the League of Nations was nothing more than a multi-track circus, today, the United Nations, is not much more. WHO has been the communication platform for psycho-terrorism, offering society an image of a non-existent pandemic. When we say nonexistent it is always speaking within the parameters of definition of global pandemic that the United Nations itself had as definition and in which this epidemic cannot be identified as such. This is unless the governments of the countries have lied about the true impact of the pandemic and the dead rather than by the thousands, now, they must be counted by the millions. But one thing is certain, the change in the behavior of society has been imposed worldwide by decree and without reporting the reality, whatever it may be.

The economy we will encounter at the end of this crisis is a completely different model. This pandemic has served to impose the virtual financial system, the gradual disappearance of currencies and thereby the salvation of one of the currencies that could have dragged all world economies, the dollar, but that will be a discussion of my next article, not this one.

Countries such as Spain or Italy will have to reinvent themselves or die again immersed in their crisis of existential identity as has already happened between the 7th and 10th centuries. The death of the tourism economy will send the Spanish economy and its GDP to Franco’s parameters, while Italian industry will be affected by a hegemonic China that has taken its place while Italy slept in its homes. The displacement models will change, to be limited and to control, far away the controls that were made to travelers to the United States will be left, because any future movement will be limited and controlled by all kinds of demands, visas will be re-imposed, but from a different model, the health visa that will help governments limit global mobility. And if any reader is surprised, think about what a European can see today, for example, an Asian, because it is clear that they do not distinguish Chinese from Japanese or Korean. Even the elderly towards children have become totally different cultural behavior, so imagine when we talk about races or foreigners. Society and its culture have been violated in such a way that psychosis will end up changing our habits and customs affecting tourism among other elements as we understood it. Displacement will be virtual, and even, and surpassing fictional films, we will approach virtual interrelationships, that is, that information will control all our lives, and this is not a fictional film.

To carry everything, the infrastructure was already there, the digital identifications and passports of all the citizens of the world were already digital, it was only necessary that society accept that its data, even the most intimate ones such as health and its own DNA, could be controlled by the states, so that they allow a certain freedom of mobility and management.

When we rise from this Hibernation, from this lethargy, we will face the new Age described by Alvin Toffler, and which he himself could not describe in all its dimension. We’re about to get out of the chaos and delve into our future, and the most dramatic thing is that no one has prepared us psychologically for it, but they’ve decided for us.