The world of finance has been invaded by a set of characters who have not only altered a well-organized market but have infected it with outrageous news that has only served to confuse and frighten the profane in the matter.

In order to quickly understand the fallacies that are handled in this market, let’s start with a very simple example, digital television. The switch from analogue to digital television was reported more than 20 years before it was end date imposed, and it began to change 12 years before the change was fully effective and the analog system was disconnected. If we were to review the transition from leaded to lead-free fuels, the terms have even been much longer. In other words, a radical change in the financial and transfer systems is in itself an absolutely unworkable and fake communication.

A second aspect is the change of the system of international order or international regulation. Going back to the same examples and in this case reviewing the world of automotive, we understand this when we see all the changes in infrastructure and vehicles themselves, the market has evolved radically and rapidly, but the law agencies, road rules and the issuance of driving licences continue to have the same control base, regardless of whether there are new standards, new evaluation systems, technologies that have been incorporated, … . But the most important thing is that the base and regulatory entities remain the same. Well, in the same vein, trying to break with regulatory systems and financial performance rules may be the utopia of more than one anti-system, but it’s nothing more than that: an utopia; regulatory entities will always be there, and quite the contrary , will be updated to have more control over transactional systems.

Although in some ideologies, this is considered to be lack of freedom, which are totalitarian systems of management and control, reality offers us a much more accurate and correct view of financial systems. If there is no order and regulation on the financial system, all illicit activities, and I am not talking about drugs, I am talking about human trafficking, slavery, abuse, arms trafficking and more dangerous products, including all those organizations, could develop with impunity, because one of the agencies that maintains the greatest firewalls to this market, impossible to eliminate, is the financial market, the black beast of all these illicit organizations. That is why, when we talk about breaking with the current control systems, apart from being another chimera, fortunately, it is not so simple, because otherwise, the most dangerous organizations on the planet could move freely by imparting another world order, of which none of us are interested in returning, the leadership of the strongest.

In resume, all systems, such as those currently being talked about, such as QFS, are elements, in many cases, fakes, and in other cases, taken entirely out of context and manipulated at the will of the ignorant intruders in the financial market. In front of news reporting the change of financial system, it is best to ignore the people who communicate them because it shows not only ignorance, but lack of common sense, because as we have explained here with other examples, we do not have to know about finance to understand that global changes in any area are slow and always managed by the same regulatory entitites that have historically controlled them.