The endless history of Brexit

Never the History has the decision making of an international action or relationship between blocs or states been delayed so much. Brexit is breaking all possible records at the political level, as in the defenestration of prime ministers and in the economic fall of one of the greatest economic powers in the world, and most anecdotally, it all started with a lie, a punishment and that ” something else “that only superpowers can one day identify us. The big loser, Europe.

We are not going to go back to remember the whole process, which has already been widely explained, I just want to air some questions that I ask myself every day before the word Brexit:



For a long time I bet that Brexit would not take place, although it will leave us with wounds that are difficult to heal. And it is that neither the United Kingdom has benefited from this conflict, it ends as it ends, nor will Europe be what it wanted to be after this process that some could define as a “coitus interruptus”.

The United Kingdom will be more separated than ever, with increasingly consolidated independence movements before a central government that has shown all its weaknesses, its pro-American affiliations, and even its pro-Russian affiliations. The English people are disappointed for the first time, since the great Cromwell crises with the governments that are succeeding and their inability to make decisions, while the health is sinking, medicines in the best Venezuelan style are lacking, immigration does not stop, and unemployment increases, as well as the outflow of funds from its banks.

The European Union, has shown better than ever the true disunity, the inability to show a single way of negotiation, the inability to take full advantage of the negotiations or recover what is really required of a Union, and that is, or It is inside or outside, but you cannot go in and out as children at recess every day. The European Union has shown who is in charge of losing the balance that the United Kingdom assumed within the Union, weakening the policy of Unity and balance within such a heterogeneous continent. It is curious that if the European Union loses one of its main partners, its language remains the predominant one in all its institutions. That inconsistency shows us the important need we all have for everyone.

This story is given a further extension where there are only a few winners and the rest are the defeated, the two powers among which the European Union is, are the great winners, when removing from the chess board an uncomfortable opponent than in The last decades had not opted for one side or the other, but for reason and logic. Outside the EU and UK of the board, the Middle East has become a game of chess where former European empires have ceased to have influence; The conflict between Ukraine and other countries interested in seeing themselves as European partners has become a distribution of cards with Latin American countries where the influence of both powers was undermining the other, and while Europe attending to the unreasonableness of Brexit.

And how will it end? Well, the only logical way to end, with a change of government in the United Kingdom that will call their fellow citizens to a new vote and that will make Brexit go into oblivion as an anecdote that should never have existed, and not history , since for that the British are specialists, and of the failures, better to erase them. But both in the United Kingdom and in Europe the wounds will not heal properly, and in the medium term we will have to see other major changes, and not exactly for success..

As one of Brexit’s leaders said: “I retire, I have already done my job”; to which we should add that he did too well and someday we will know under the orders of who did that work.