If there is a north and a south in Europe, this concept is much more pronounced when we talk about the Americas. We need to talk about a north and a south that doesn’t correspond to geographical elements. Here the South encompasses all Latin nations versus the U.S. economy that functions and responds completely differently.

If anyone has always known how to emerge from a socio-economic crisis victoriously, that’s the United States. It must be acknowledged that while its economy is not competitive with respect to the rest of the world’s economies, since the latter are much more belligerent and aggressive, and with greater interference from states, knowledge and historical planning of all possible solutions, simulation of scenarios and antisocial or unethical decision-making by the American government , have always allowed him to emerge victorious and fully supported by his citizens.

The U.S. economy and its recovery from the crisis will not depend on the de-escalation of confinement, it will depend not on the asymmetric flows of its states but on the federal decisions the Trump administration makes after the election. The crisis in the United States will drag to the end of the election, and only then will decisions be made that will impact the rest of the world’s economies, either for better or worse.

The United States is a wounded giant, but not of death, the pandemic crisis was nothing more than one element, initially alien to them, but with China’s economic attack on the heart of the American economy, its particular modern Pearl Harbor has caused this giant to wake up and begin planning its response, a response it cannot take until the election and until it assesses the damage in its second most powerful army in the world , its economy. The Chinese Giant has hit him at the flotation level of his economy, and he needs to assess the damage before he starts making decisions, but if there’s one thing that’s clearer, that the rest of the world is that China has to pay that bill directly or indirectly.

The us recovery, following its own manual, will come hand in hand with two parallel actions, the correction of the Chinese Giant’s meddling in its economy and its recovery through war grafts against the Dragon. This is not the first time the GDP of the American Giant has been compromised, but the solution manual is clear about the recovery process and the decisions to be made.

The war actions of the so-called American Empire, unlike the Roman Empire, carry as their mission to rebuild the country’s economic engine, not to profit from the expansive expolio as the Romans did. The United States in all the conflicts in which it has intervened has achieved great economic returns by indirectly helping to launch its economy and subsequently shifting the bill of that aid to the countries where it has intervened.

It is well known that the United States will not confront the Chinese Giant directly, but it is also known to China that its responsibility for the COVID agent, whether intentional or not, is a blunt response that one of its most uncomfortable allies for the American Giant will have to pay. That is why their disengagement from the policies of the government of North Korea, Venezuela and some other, are subject to not having such a direct conflict between the two Giants, this will be the payment to their recklessness.

A payment that on the other hand is very economical, since its entry into Western economies has been a fact and the loss of control of one of its neighbors, now even uncomfortable for China itself, will not pose a serious problem. Thus, the American Giant may be justified before its constituents; and China’s economic machinery will have achieved its purported economic expansion, at least partially.

As always, in the gap of the new Cold War will be as a currency of exchange Europe. Two extracontinental giants negotiating with the remains of the “old” continent as we have always intended to call ourselves.

The United States, the conflict and Monroe’s policy of protecting its economy will be strengthened and with the assurance of greater control over its continent and the countries of the south.