It is not so far that the triumphalism of democratic systems was seen in the poor mass media at that time. That year 1989 was the so-called year of the triumph of democracies over communism, over totalitarian systems, over the interventionism of states in societies, over prohibitions of displacement all controlled by governments, over the control up to shopping hours, ?


Since that year till 2020, we have seen these triumphal democratic systems declare or encourage wars everywhere, not just wars, including complete genocides. No one can say that Europe was not a principal protagonist of the beginning of Balkan war; or that Western countries were not involved in promoting the Gulf Wars with their policies of irregular oil exploitation at their frontiers; or that they were the group that finances the Arab Spring transforming the zone in endless conflicts that still today create dead every day. This triumphal democracy has been the vertebrator of all these facts even in its attempt ?to throw away the stone and hide the hand?.

The year 2020 has shown us that, in front of the incompetence of democratic governments in the management of socio-economic crises, ? and let us stop calling them pandemics as justification for everything ? , the theorical solutions that have been implemented are far from democratic mechanisms.

A few days ago, I read that the great failure of the Spanish constitutions was that its promulgation was accompanied by mechanisms that rendered it useless, that constrained it to adapt it to the interests of the power of the moment. That?s what?s happening right now with all the democracies in the world. Democratic countries denounce the lack of information in countries with more authoritarian policies managed by communist or fascist governments, but it is curious to note that trade opening bans, mobility restrictions, curfews and other prohibitions on the fundamental freedoms of their citizens are not adopted by these governments, it has been by democratic governments.

The decline of democratic systems to authoritarian systems, in which they are being transformed, are not the responsibility of a ?virus? sent by authoritarian regimes such as Chinese, as someone try to justify; they are not the responsible of ?pandemics?, redefined no more than 1 year ago; exogenous elements of the same system cannot be blamed.

Democracies have succumbed to their own growth, to their own over-oversizing of structures ? any liberal who reads these lines will be very happy, it was not my idea, but in this case I agree ? to their excessive indebtedness, to their uncontainable corruption, and the most important of all, to the degradation of the actors in public and political life, who have degraded the charges that they hold ? and this is not now, it has been taking place for more than two decades.

Democracies, today, are corrupting the last elements that underpinned them, the fundamental rights of their citizens,for the sole purpose ofmaintaining a system that it is destroying, as in 1989 happened with the Soviet state; and not the communism as someone indicated. What Democrats are doing, as they define themselves, is the suicide of democratic systems and their transformation into fascist totalitarian systems. And I say fascists, not because I speak of right or left ideology, that this would be pure ignorance, but because they are totalitarian systems with control of society and the economy through government structures, but maintaining the only appendix that separates them from the old communist ideology, private property. That recognition that define one instead of the another.

The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy, you first vote and then you receive orders. In a dictatorship, you don?t have to waste time voting. (Charles Bukowski)

Western democracies have succumbed to China?s triumphist and fascist regime. China has shown that its socio-economic management system is much more efficient, in a short-term results point of view, than pure democratic systems where citizens? fundamental rights overshadow the vagaries of a decadent political structure with no capacity to change.

The only problem in this whole scenario is that the West is not China, and that the protagonists of such changes, in the most part, do not know in depth, or even, in fact, the history of the Western world. Regime changes, or the decline of regimes in the West, have led to the collapse of governments, countries, and all kinds of social structures. The decadent Rome was crushed by its own imperial structure, not by exogenous elements to the empire; the French monarchy was beheaded by its fellow citizens to create the first republican revolutionary system, Tsarism was executed by its own citizens, or even Italian fascism was lynched and hung by its own patriots. Concluding, Western democracies will not be changed by their current protagonists, but burned at the stake by their compatriots and citizens, who are now kidnapped in their homes; who, today, find that its work of decades has been demolished by an unserious an incompetent people of diverse ideologies and all of them questionable; who, today, sees how their children have neither educational and nor work future; that their families are starving as happened in the previous regimes that were assaulted; and those who cannot see in their last moments of life their congeners who leave alone, frightened, bitter, distressed and isolated. This will be the society that unfortunately will make the change; change that will not be peaceful when you press till the extreme your society.

A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle between the past and the future (Fidel Castro)

As in Spain is said, ?you get what you sow?; and this democracy has sown everything except kindness, solidarity, and peace. When politicians only show insults in their Courts, when they are unable to practice democracy, they cannot demand that their citizens, when demanding for change, they will do so democratically and peacefully. Today we hear the noise of sabers and whispers of social explosions in many Latin American countries with consolidated democracies; we are on the doorstep of critical democratic changes in the great American empire; Europe is not going to be oblivious to that Wave ? this is going to be a Wave and not the pandemic ? that will suddenly erase all vestiges of the political systems of the Industrial Age, that will erase the bourgeois or proletarian revolutions to establish new regimes, which today we are yet discovering, but which took us away from the system of fundamental rights that were obtained in that France of 1789 and that we defended in two worldwide wars in the twentieth century..


It is dangerous to be right, when the government is wrong (Voltaire)

No one can know what the trigger can be. The impoverishment of the population is not enough for first-world societies to erupt in conflict, meanwhile, that will be the trigger in other developing societies.

The trigger in the Western world will be subject to any niggling and unused cause. As a pressure cooker, society endures if the exhaust valves exist, but as one of those, normally non-vital valves, is plugged or closed can be the trigger for the social explosion. In the Mediterranean world, subject to this radical ?pendulum? culture, one of the exhaust valves, there have always been snack bars and social interrelationship, any of these valves, currently in danger situation of prohibition, and it can become that unsuspected trigger that will make nopolitician able to stop that they will have provoked.

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